A new VRTK website

The new VRTK website is now up at https://www.vrtk.io and aims to provide a general overview to VRTK and provide a single place with all the useful resources for getting the best out of VRTK.

Previously, vrtk.io would redirect to the GitHub page if you want an easy way to remember the GitHub page then you can now use http://code.vrtk.io and that will take you right there!

We've also added a new page showcasing all of the experiences made with VRTK and can be found at http://madewith.vrtk.io and if you want your experience on there then the whole website is completely open source and MIT License and on GitHub so you can raise a pull request with any amends to the site as you think would be beneficial!

The GitHub repo for the website is at https://github.com/ExtendRealityLtd/VRTK.Website so feel free to contribute.


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