A new communication channel for VRTK

We're trialing a new way people can communicate, get help, leave help for people in the VRTK community.

For a long time, the slack channel has been the place where most people go for help. But the problem with the fluid nature of online chat means many people ask the same questions over and over again without an easy way to search for common problems and solutions.

So we're releasing the VRTK Discourse channel at http://forum.vrtk.io where people can leave messages of VRTK tips or ask for help and then hopefully the answers on there will form a knowledge base for future users.


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  2. Love this initiative, and have for some years... BTW the left menus text shows VRTK Wesbite... I don't really care though... kinda liked it... really admire your tremendous efforts for the vr community... would be nice with somw version 4 stuff here.. might get some people in...thx and take care. Norw thing

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the spelling mistake :D


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