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VRTK - From then to now to the future

Virtual Reality Toolkit VRTK is a productive toolkit for rapidly building virtual reality experiences by providing easy to use solutions to common problems. VRTK focuses on two main areas of help for developers, interactions and locomotion techniques offering a multitude of ways of solving these common problems. The goal behind VRTK is to bring as many creative people from as diverse backgrounds as possible to try and solve the common problems that the new medium of virtual reality brings. The faster solutions to these problems can be built, tried and tested will help accelerate the evolutionary process to find out what works and what doesn't work, because evolution is just a million mistakes until a bit of one thing works. The way in which VRTK empowers such a large participation is to be totally free and open source (under the MIT license) to anyone who wants to use it for any reason they want to use it for, whether it's for learning the ropes of VR development, if they